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sites like fiverr

9 sites like Fiverr Alternatives to Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where you can offer your work as a freelancer. In it, also you can hire a freelancer for your job,

Fiverr is one of the most popular places or website where you can sell your services or skills for only $ 5. or more. However, competition on Fiverr is increasing day by day, and as new sellers find a job is difficult, and this frustrates some new sellers.

Ideally, if you offer a service, or you are one of those who hire a seller, that you know and are present in the different platforms that exist since this will allow you to reach new clients or find a service that is more suited to you in the case of that you are a buyer.

Numerous alternative sites like Fiverr are accessible and useful for us and can help us get a good income for our work as a freelancer.

Let’s take a look at the best similar sites like Fiverr in 2018 and that you can choose the most suitable one or all to your liking.

Alternatives sites like Fiverr


sites like Fiverr

This freelance and micro jobs website has numerous writers, editors, coders, programmers, designers, etc. So you can start your freelance work on iFreelance and get 100% of your profits without paying any commission to the website.


sites like Fiverr

Upwork is the second most popular site like Fiverr when it comes to obtaining quality service. The website was previously oDesk before being renamed to Upwork. However, this particular alternative site like Fiverr has strict rules and regulations that we must follow. Otherwise, we will be banned.


sites like Fiverr

is another excellent alternative site like Fiverr where we can sell or buy quality services online. The only thing about Freelancer is that it is a site based on bids.



The GigBucks model is similar to Fiverr. If you have used Fiverr before, you will find it easy to use this particular website. Also, you can get a service at a price of $ 5.



This is a website for talented people and experts in their various fields, such as design, development, content creation and promotion. In this platform, it is paid based on the time of the tasks.



Guru is an excellent online marketplace like Fiverr with more than 1.5 million freelancers. In Guru, there is a feature called “Work Room,” and this particular feature allows users to track jobs simultaneously. Also, the team can communicate, establish agreements, establish milestones, share documents and delegate tasks.



Zeerk is another fascinating site like Fiverr for freelancers. You can charge up to $ 200 for work depending on the service you offer. You can also provide jobs for only $ 3, and you will not have to pay any commission to Zeerk.



This website offers a broader range of jobs. Also, this site provides excellent hiring tips with a search based on the location and directory of the company.


If you found another site like Fiverr or have any recommendations about us our Freelive.site to make it better please write in blow comments thanks for reading

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