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sites like Airbnb

Where to advertise my apartment? 84 alternatives to sites like Airbnb …

Where to advertise my apartment? 84 alternatives to sites like Airbnb. of all colors
As you probably know, every day the options are more varied when choosing where to promote and publish my vacation home online to attract guests.

What you probably not know all options are available.

There are thousands and thousands of different portals. We can find them from your home, live like a local or even stay with your pet.

There are many different alternatives to staying in a hotel room. That’s why today we bring you 100 vacation rental platforms sites like Airbnb, where you can promote your accommodation.

The idea with this article is not to elaborate an extensive guide on each platform but to build a list as varied and oriented to the possible vacation rental. For each OTA, also, find some points that will help you understand at a glance the concept of each of them.

If your accommodation is related to the adventure.

sites like Airbnb
In this section, we tell you about the sites to publish accommodations dedicated to those looking for a place to practice sports such as skiing, want to take your vacation to another level by staying in unique places or enjoy much more entertainment. If your property has one of these niches, take advantage of it to reach the right public.

# 1, Travelmob


A site like Airbnb Travelmob is part of HomeAway. Initially, it was created to allow the traveler to live a unique experience in Asia since it was their management area.

Currently, you can find accommodations almost anywhere in the world.

It has different filters that offer you from rural houses to igloos.

# 2, Homestay

International. With a very personal style.

It gives you the option to Inspire where you can see different destinations with several apartments.

It has few filters, but it lets you divide it by area of the city.

They rent from whole houses or apartments to rooms.

# 3, campspace


This is a unique platform where instead of renting an apartment or a room, this is for garden renting.

A different way to travel and cheaper.

There is the option to choose between basic camping to a luxury one according to your budget.

Each garden comes with a description of this.

They are called micro-campings themselves.

# 4, Hostelbookers


Web booking of hostels, focused on backpackers and students, in fact, the price limit is $80.

Hotels and hostels around the world.

Standard platform design to reserve and rent.


# 5, Morning Croissant


With more than 10,000 accommodations in different destinations, Morning Croissant is defined by simplifying, digitizing and securing the rental experience.

One of its differentiators is in the ease to know the place without visiting it since they have resources such as videos and visits in 3D.

Simple and attractive design.

# 6, Pierre and Vacances


Pierre and Vacances is another alternative sites like Airbnb

Rental of holiday hotels, both for short and long stays.

It is focused on family vacations.

It offers accommodation in ski resorts.

It has a section of offers.

The design of the website is friendly and easy to navigate.

# 7, Villapolis


Style, at first sight, can be a bit overwhelming because of the large amount of text that predominates over the images. However, it is worth navigating in it to find the ideal destination.

There are offered cottages, chalets, and residences. Also, there is a wide range of prices ranging from bargains to luxury homes.

For golf lovers, they offer the option of destinations that include that sport.

It has enough filters.

if most of guests are families …

sites like Airbnb

This section is recommended to offer stays in a family environment. Therefore, the facilities and elements that can be useful to make the stay pleasant and comfortable for both parents and children are taken into account. Also, the activities that can be offered to share with the family in the chosen place. Creating a pleasant space in this way. If your accommodation is characterized by providing a family experience, you will be interested in visiting these web portals to make your property even more visible.

# 8, HomeAway


Another excellent site like Airbnb place for the titan of the world traveler.

With a slightly more standard aesthetic, it offers all types of apartments in different destinations.

Many conditions can be filtered to find the ideal home.

This way your ad will have more visibility than in other portals.

# 9, Stayz


It belongs to HomeAway, it is the number one vacation rental platform in Australia.

A fresh and clean style that invites you to look for holiday homes in Australia.

It has several handy filters, and the information of the apartments appears in detail.

# 10, HouseTrip

Belonging to TripAdvisor, sites like Airbnb and it is one of the world’s largest web platforms for property rentals. It has a standard design.

It has several handy filters for a more specific search.

Work with apartments around the world.

# 11, Muchosol


They offer rental of villas, apartments and summer houses.

Colorful rental platform for homes around the world.

It has recommendations for places to visit according to travelers’ plans: summer, destinations for families and city breaks.

# 12, Kid & Coe


Vacation rental platform focused on families with children. Therefore houses are adapted for the little ones.

There are rentals, hotels and housing exchange.

The design is modern, beautiful and easy to use.

# 13, Vacation rentals


Belonging to HomeAway Family.

You can choose between apartments, villas, castles, houses. In addition to the option with a view of the mountain, the lake, or the beach and its location. Everything depends on what is the desired destination.

# 14, VRBO

It also belongs to the HomeAway Family.

Offers family vacation rentals. Most of the houses and apartments advertised on VRBO are quite large, with outdoor spaces where you can play.

#15, Touricoholidays


It is a travel company that offers vacation rentals in different parts of the world, activities (guided tours, theme parks, water sports), airport pick-up service, cruises.

For Browsing the website and see all offers, you need to create an account.

# 16 Traum Ferienwohnungen

The platform of travelers hosts.

By having accommodation on all continents, a wide range of options is available to choose the ideal destination.

Between your search filter is the alternative if you travel with a baby, family or pet. Which makes the experience much more personalized.

Ease to navigate your platform.


# 17, Mediavacationrentals

Online booking platform.

The design of the website is simple.

It is present in the central European countries.

If you like your guests to come with their pets …

sites like Airbnb

If you are pet-friendly, you will understand the needs of the guests. Therefore, there is a section especially focused on you to advertise your accommodation if you admit dogs. In this way, travelers will have a complete experience to know where they are accepted with their pets.

# 18, Hotdogholidays

This platform is focused on finding holiday apartments, hotels, villas, and cottages where guests can stay with their pet.

HotDogHoliday finds apartments where pets are allowed in many European countries.

It also includes a section where they give you different information about travel with pets in Europe and the requirements that must be met.


# 19, Couchsurfing

With Couchsurfing it is possible to immerse yourself in a new adventure, to meet many people from several countries who are looking for a cheap place to sleep.

Also, the Couchsurfing offer events so that they know each other.

This is another example of how an exchange website has become a community. It is a platform focused on young backpackers who care more about the travel experience than the comfort of home.

Resembles more a social network than an OTA

If yours is cultural immersion …

sites like Airbnb

# 20, TalkTalk Bnb

A somewhat different platform, ideal for those who like to meet new people and cultures. Give the option to host or travel, and from there the adventure begins.

Its website is very friendly to have the appearance of a social network.

Its objective is to host travelers. And instead of the exchange “lodging-money,” this is generated with language exchange.

Thus, young people who want to see the world but do not have sufficient economic capacity can do so.

In return, you can learn a new language.

# 21, Room4Exchange

Another different platform, for those who travel differently.

As they describe it, travel exchanging your room. You put where yours is and where you want to move.

There are no payments or economic transactions between its members.

Designed for young people with a low economic acquisition.

It has a very basic and intuitive page, which makes it easy to use.

At the moment, it only has seven European cities.

# 22, Nightswapping

Nightswapping encourages the “bartering of nights,” where tenants or owners accumulate nights each time they host someone on their property. In this way, you can then exchange them in other homes uploaded to the web for free.

Another innovative way to travel while spending as little as possible.

The page is very stylized.

# 23, HomeExchange

House exchange is the Spanish version of the Home exchange, where owners offer their homes without anything in return. You can get in touch with guests and hosts to verify that everything is correct.

The page is a little outdated, but very intuitive and comfortable.

You need to pay an annual account of € 130.

# 24, Travelmob

Travelmob is part of HomeAway Family.

Rental platform for holiday homes.

It has many filters that make the search easier.

Work with apartments around the world.

#25, Housing Anywhere

The platform in which people can make their rooms available to be rented by international students.

Perfect for both short and long stays.

In it, there are more than 300 cities.

They collaborate with some universities in these cities to make the exchange of rooms more fluid.

Intuitive and easy to use website, with a simple design.

If your guests come mainly to rest …

sites like Airbnb

With more varied options, this space presents alternatives to publish accommodations that invite especially to enjoy, disconnect, relax and get out of the routine. There they offer an apartment, but mainly a house facing the sea or the mountain for a romantic getaway or as a family.

#26, Spain-Holiday.com

It specializes in vacation rentals in Spain.

On the platform, the search is done according to the type of accommodation desired. Either a house in front of the sea or an apartment in the city.

The reservation is made directly with the owner, who can also give the traveler recommendations on the sites he can visit.

#27, Locasun

It has rentals of houses in the mountains, the countryside and facing the sea.

They are found in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Croatia.

Among the search options, you can choose your stay in a place from 1 to 5 stars.

# 28, Interhome

Interhome has an appearance that is adapted to new technologies, so at first glance, it is not very intuitive. However, its high variety of apartments and destinations is striking.

It has a large filter table. From the type of property, to how much distance want the accommodation of the sea, the lake or the town

Ideal for summer holidays, as their offers are directed mainly towards the coast.

# 29, Bedycasa

A platform that offers the option to choose the stay either in an apartment or in holiday homes, host families, independent rooms, rural houses, and hostels.

Endless ways to travel without having to resort to a hotel.

# 30, FotoCasa

Platform focused on both the rental and purchase of homes, garages, premises, warehouses, and offices throughout Spain.

It has a series of photos to know the facilities of the place that the traveler is looking for. A more comfortable alternative to choose the home that most catches your attention and you can be sure of the decision.

Web easy to use and manageable.

# 31, Top Rural

From the HomeAway family.

It is a reservation platform for rural houses.

Work with the apartment from European countries.

It also includes sections to inspire, offers and recommended.

The design is typical of rental platforms but with green touches that give it a fresh look.

# 32, Atraveo

Your web design makes your search more comfortable and more precise to find your dream destination.

In addition to the offer of apartments for rent, Atraveo invites us to plan our trips with a section to inspire us.

# 33, Poplidays

It is an online booking platform for holiday apartments in Spain and France.

Highlights the homes by the sea and in the mountains.

The design of the page has the standard template of these platforms, with their respective filters very useful.

# 34, Villa Altea

It is a rental platform for villas on the Costa Blanca in Spain, Bourgogne and in North Holland.

It is 100% focused on holidays, offering apartments and a chalet where you can relax for a restful time.

It also includes additional information about the chosen destinations.

They have a section of homes that are sold in these areas.

The page is intuitive and functional.

# 35, Vacances Location

French vacation rental platform.

It offers houses, apartments, chalets, whether for a trip to the sea or to enjoy the snow.

Includes a handy map when choosing your destination.

Work with the apartment from Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

# 36, FlatsAway

OTA vacation apartments in Miami.

Offers house, apartments and car rental.

It has a very professional design.

Among its filters for an optimal search is the housing type and characteristics of the house: wifi, air conditioning, grill, among other necessary aspects.

# 37,  Holiday beach rentals

This is a platform for booking apartments and homes on the beach, in Panama City Beach.

All types of homes, you can choose how far from the sea.

You can navigate easily through the page.

# 38, Case Vacanza

They have more than 100,000-holiday accommodation in Europe.

In your offer, you can find villas, farms in the hills, apartments, and villas by the sea.

On their website, they have a space dedicated to places and activities in Italy.

Attractive and functional design.

# 39, Costa del Home

Platform for renting and selling homes in Spain.

Your search filter can be classified according to the type of property, the price and number of bedrooms.

It shows a detailed description of the chosen home, both inside and the place where it is located.

# 40, IHA

Ads of rental houses for the short duration.

Presents options in 190 countries.

Among its options are rural houses and guest rooms.

IHA offers thematic stays.

When searching by destination, a list of options is revealed: weekend getaway, promotions, accommodations with parking, swimming pool, among many other alternatives.

# 41, Vacation Home Rentals

It is part of the group TripAdvisorRentals.

Between your rentals, you can choose between a private island, a chalet, a studio in the center of the city or a house in front of the sea.

Depending on the chosen location, information about the destination, lifestyle and places to visit is detailed.

Friendly and user-friendly platform.

Do you have high-level professionals?

sites like AirbnbBecause of nothing better than to go on a trip and have the comforts of a luxury hotel without having to stay in one. A different alternative to providing better services to guests. Likewise, this space offers stays for business trips, whether short or long term. Especially for those who prefer to have their own space.

# 42, Rentalia

It belongs to Idealista, has a clean and modern style, standard type of OTA. Very intuitive and easy to navigate.

It offers homes in Spain, Italy, France, Andorra, Croatia, Portugal, and Slovenia.

It has a large number of filters, beneficial.

Focused on holidays, it has mostly deluxe or modern apartments.

# 43, BeMate

Beautiful and stylized platform for the rental of tourist apartments, who according to them, look at the details of the housing proposals before uploading them to their website.

For now, they only work in 10 cities in Europe and the United States.

The advertised apartments are deluxe.

# 44, OneFineStay

OneFineStay is an elegant platform for renting luxury homes and offers tourists accommodation in private homes, without giving up the services of a five-star hotel.

These include changing bedding, private chef or cleaning staff.

Your website is elegant and bright.

# 45, Rusticae

It is a reservation platform in hotels, houses, and apartments with rustic charm.

All hotels, apartments or houses, in their photos make a brief tour of the environment that surrounds it.

The design of the web is standard.

# 46, Rentals Combined

It offers a location of high-quality properties for both business trips and vacations.

They offer security and tranquility to travelers at the time of booking.

It has short and long-term rentals.

It has accommodation in different parts of the world.

Your search filter presents the necessary options for an enjoyable stay.

Simple design

# 47, Magic Stay

They specialize in business trips.

Apart from offering different accommodation options, it also has a guide that shows the fairs and events that take place in the chosen destination.

# 48, Escalea

It is a platform focused on vacation rentals.

Offers premium apartments.

Their offered destinations are the Alps, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Florence.

# 49, 2nd Address

Focused on business trips for extended stays.

Their rentals are in the United States.

They have apartments, condominiums, and houses of different categories and premium.

According to the desired experience, the guest can choose that the property has a kitchen, laundry, among other amenities.

If you want your guests’ stays to be like being at home …

84 alternatives to sites like Airbnb Where to advertise my apartment? 1

In this section, we tell you about websites to publish your property with features that resemble an Airbnb, where guests seek accommodation in such pleasant spaces that they can feel at home, with different alternatives when facilities, services, and amenities.

# 50, Plusholidays

Experts in holiday home rentals in Calpe, Benissa, Alte, and Moraira.

In Plus holidays they look for the guest to feel at home.

Your rentals of houses offer villa, villas, single-family homes or bungalows.

Between your search filter, you can choose lodging that receives pets, has the excellent capacity, is located in a rural environment or has a sea view.

# 51, 9flats

They are presented with the motto “feel at home, away from home.”

Rent a luxury home on the beach to the room of an apartment in the center.

It has various filters.

Using the same design as most of these platforms, useful and straightforward, but not very original.

It works practically with apartments from all over the world.

# 52, Way to Stay

Rental platform for holiday homes.

It has an effective web design.

It has filters that make it easier to find apartments

They look for your experience to be like feeling at home.

# 53, Travel Staytion

More than a vacation, Travel Station seeks that the traveler live an experience feeling as good as if he were at home.

Through its platform, you can rent a holiday home for short stays.

Among its search options, it offers the option of choosing the minimum number of rooms and rooms you need.

Its design is friendly and attractive.

through this website Easy navigation.

# 54, Niumba

It belongs to TripAdvisor.

Vacation rental platform, whose largest market is Spanish, since 79% of its apartments are owned by Spanish owners.

It has a straightforward and aesthetic design, following its corporate colors (orange and red).

It offers apartments of all kinds.

It has several handy filters to highlight those that best suit your search.

If your accommodations are mainly apartments …

84 alternatives to sites like Airbnb Where to advertise my apartment? 2

Space-focused 100% on renting apartments that have a variety of alternatives for the comfort of the guest. Therefore, your property will be more visible when focused on an audience with a specific interest.

# 55, Wimdu

He qualifies himself as the cheapest apartment search engine.

In it, you can find from whole apartments, shared or private rooms. Like boats and yachts.

Most are quite cheap compared to other platforms.

With ads from different countries.

With enough filters, it makes your ad very visible.

# 56, Flipkey

Belongs to TripAdvisor Rentals.

It has search filters to find the ideal apartment. In this case, to make your home more visible.

It offers many destinations all over the world.

# 57, Only-Apartments

Platform rental of holiday apartments around the world for short stays.

It has different filters and standard web design.

You can cancel for free.

#58, Habitat apartments

It is an apartment rental company based in Barcelona.

They offer accommodation in Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Florence, Valencia, and Marbella.

In your search filter, you have options for the apartment that will make your stay more enjoyable.

# 59, Central London Apartments

Rent of luxury apartments in London.

It offers the alternative of counting the comfort of a hotel without being in one and at the same time feeling at home.

It has a section on recommended places to visit.

The design of the platform is elegant, intuitive and easy to navigate.

In your search filter is presented, for example, if the building in which the apartment is located is allowed access for pets. If you have a gym, bar, garden, among more options for a pleasant stay.

# 60, City base Apartments

It offers apartment rentals either for short or long stays in different parts of the world.

Through the stay, they look for the guest to have a pleasant experience with different comforts and facilities, such as greater space, security, and privacy.

Among the options that are found when doing the search for accommodation, health and safety facilities are offered in the apartment: smoke alarm, electronic cards, and fire blanket.

# 61, Spot a Home

For Spot A Home, it’s not just about renting a home, but a new home in the most popular sites for medium and long-term stays.

They offer flats, studios, rooms, and student residences for rent.

For travelers to be 100% sure of their decision, they have a detailed description of the apartment and the neighborhood. In addition to a video with the guided tour to know every corner.

If your guests come to discover the city …

sites like Airbnb

Your accommodation can become more attractive when published on one of these vacation rental platforms. Since in them, the guest not only looks for where to stay, on many occasions he wants to know what activities there are to do in the place to continue exploring. In addition to offering complete services that include reservations of flight tickets, guided tours and much more.

# 62, Idealist

You can choose between renting, buying or sharing different types of properties (garages, new works, offices), in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Very functional web page.

# 63, LaComunity

Its main destinations are London, New York, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, and Dubrovnik.

Performing your search by areas is somewhat complicated. Sites Like this platform is not friendly to quickly find the desired places.

They have a special section for destinations in spring/summer.

# 64, Minube

It is a community of travelers, where different people think about a specific destination, which provides more information about the place you want to visit.

It serves as the inspiration to decide where to travel soon.

In this platform, you can organize the trip discovering what there is to see in the chosen destination, hotels, apartments (all from booking), what activities to do, restaurants, flights, maps and much more.

All this from an easy to use and very intuitive design.

# 65, Behomm

It is a platform for the exchange of houses between artists and designers.

An invitation is needed to access it.

He works in more than 30 countries.

# 66. Yaencontre

In this platform gives the option to choose if you want to share, rent with the opportunity to purchase or make a transfer.

In addition to choosing between a house, land, office or new work.

Only works with Spanish apartments.

It has many filters for a more optimal search.

# 67, Vibbo

Vibbo is a platform for buying and renting second-hand online all kinds of products, from cars, furniture, clothing, items for children, among others.

As for the houses, they offer premises, offices,, and apartments.

Your filters are primary: location, type of transaction and advertiser.

# 68, e-domizil

With an outdated design, although quite usable, e-domizil is presented as a rental platform for holiday homes.

It does not have a lot of offer, but it works in several countries of the world.

You can choose between home or holiday apartments.

Among its filters are options for equipment and the distance from the sea or the lake.

# 69, Booking

Booking.com works with both holiday apartments and hotels.

It contains a wide variety of filters that make finding the ideal accommodation easy.

It provides flight comparators, car rental and a section of restaurants that redirects to the OpenTable page with opinions on these.

It is a well-known website, it works for its easy use and its great offer.

# 70, Proactivevacations

Housing rental platform that works exclusively in the area of Holden Beach, North Carolina.

They offer apartments and homes differently. Instead of selecting the area, the theme or situation is chosen to see the houses.

The houses have a good location, very close to the beach of Holden Beach.

They have a map on the web that shows activities to be done in the area.

# 71, Connect Villas

Platform for booking tourist homes in Spain, including the Canary Islands and some European cities.

It also offers flights and rental cars.

It has an optimal and modern design.

# 72, Novasol-Holidays

Novasol is a vacation rental platform, with apartments in several countries in Europe.

Depending on the destination chosen, it displays a small description of the place, from its landscape, to what to see in a tourist way.

# 73, Despegar.com

Rental platform for holiday homes.

It offers both vacation rentals and cars.

It has multitudes of filters that make the search easier.

It offers you destinations all over the world.

Easy to use and intuitive.

# 74, Abritel.fr (French HomeAway)

It is the HomeAway platform in France.

It offers destinations in almost the entire world.

It has the same filters as HomeAway, as well as its operation.

# 75, Flat4day

It is a network of rentals of houses, apartments and holiday villas.

It has a large number of destinations. Among them is Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East regions.

Flat4day in partnership with HomeAway has been responsible for providing a much more complete experience for the hosts, who have greater access to travelers.

It presents a filter that helps to perform a much more specific search.

# 77, Travelopo

It has properties in around 192 countries.

To provide a complete experience, it also offers flights, car reservations and transfer to the airport.

You can choose between villas by the sea or ski chalets.

After the search of the destination, a complete description of the site is revealed: food recommendations, activities and places to visit.

# 78, Locatour

Locatour is the leader in holiday rentals in France and Spain.

Camping, residence, Holiday Club, by the sea, in the mountains, in the city or in the countryside, Locatour offers more than 2000 holiday destinations in France and Spain

# 79, Last Minute

It is a platform that seeks to simplify the lives of travelers through technology.

On its website, you can both manage and make reservations for hotels, cars, cruises, and flights.

The design of your platform makes navigation easy

# 80, Ferien hausmiente

It has 40,000 addresses in different parts of the world so you can find your ideal holiday home or apartment.

Direct contact with the owner.

On their page, they have a space dedicated to special offers.

Easy to use and intuitive.

# 81, BestDay

A travel agency that offers accommodation in hotels, as well as temporary stays in houses and apartments.

Among its services are also complete vacation plans that include flights, tours, transfers, circuits for different destinations and car rental.

It has a special offers section.

Easy to use a platform to navigate in it.

# 82, Expedia

Online travel guide

It has different vacation options so that travelers can create their ideal plan, by having different ideas about places to visit.

They offer hotels, vacation rentals. Likewise, more complete plans in which the flight and accommodation reservation, car rental and activities are grouped.

The design of your website makes the search simple.

Easy navigation

# 83, Domiroom

The web platform that offers holiday rentals of apartments, houses, bungalows, villas, and villas.

Your accommodations are located in Spain.

They have a recommended space for travelers to discover new places.

# 84, Holiday Lettings

It is one of the most famous holiday rental platforms in Europe and the United Kingdom.

It has the backing of TripAdvisor.

The comments of previous guests are visible so that they can choose if it is the right place for their stay.

It has rentals of apartments, villas, and cabins.

Between your search filter allows the option to select the type of activities you want to perform in the desired destination.

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