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sites like eBay

6 alternatives to eBay sites like eBay

sites like eBay, eBay can be one of the biggest giants of online commerce, but it’s not the only place for you to sell your products

The online trading giant eBay is one of the options to launch online commerce, given its high visibility. But, like most online businesses, it is far from the only solution. Despite its massive presence, the number of competitors you will find in the online sales platform will also be significant, which may cause the opposite effect to the expected one. That means, due to the proportions and presence of eBay, your online store may not have any visibility. Therefore, know these 6 alternatives to sites like eBay and branch your presence online!


sites like eBay

1. Amazon

Another giant of the virtual stores, Amazon also allows you to sell your products through its platform. Despite being as giant as eBay and having similar problems, the Amazon rate costs less than eBay, in addition to having the structure of a store and not a page of auctions online. It is important to remember that Amazon does not charge to include its products for sale, charging after an item will sell. Their service to the seller and buyer are also better evaluated by the users. Click on the link to access Amazon.


sites like eBay

2. Artfire

With a greater focus on artisanal products, Artfire serves as an alternative to eBay for not being competitive with products made in factories. Its community revolves around all kinds of artisans and can be the perfect place to spread and sell your work, as enthusiasts of the profession or hobby also visit it. One of the advantages is to be able to choose between paying sales fees or paying a monthly subscription that eliminates the collection of this rate.

It has tools for SEO, integration with Google Analytics and the possibility of creating discount coupons. Get to know Artfire on its main page.


sites like eBay

3. Aliexpress

Another online commerce giant, Aliexpress, gained considerable notoriety for facilitating imports of products from China and for having competitive prices, often cheaper than buying at home. Its disadvantage is the delay in delivery, depending on the region where from your purchase.

For sellers, the process is more complicated, since it is limited to producers in China. For now, it is possible to just become an associate, with banners and links to put on your page. Learn more about this platform on its official website.


sites like eBay

4. Etsy

Another alternative to eBay dedicated to artisans, competing directly with Artfire. It has advantages similar to its competition, such as allowing a public with more willingness to acquire this type of product, as well as not having competition with large producers. Etsy also has cheaper rates than eBay, despite also charging to list a product on its platform. Learn more about Etsy by accessing its website.

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sites like eBay

5. Bonanza

This page has a proposal similar to that of eBay but has been gaining more and more followers for its ease of use, is considered the best alternative to eBay this year. One of the significant advantages of Bonanza about eBay is the fact that it allows you to list an item for sale for free, in addition to its integration with Google Shopping. It also has tools to facilitate the import of eBay, Etsy and Amazon lists, lower sales rates than its competitors and better customer service. Visit Bonanza page and learn more about this online trading platform.


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6. OLX

Another great platform for buying and selling, the focus of OLX is on the purchase and sale of personal items. However, this does not prevent you from also selling your products through the page, which works as a kind of classifieds on the internet. One of the benefits of OLX is that the page also allows the sale of services, not only products.

The disadvantage is the same as the big pages like eBay itself: many advertisers, which can limit the scope of your online commerce. Access OLX and see if it is by the objectives of your business.


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Which platforms do you use for your online sales?
Do you prefer large online sales platforms sites like eBay itself or your Amazon competition or niche pages, like Artfire or the Amazon? Although adopting some of these platforms, we reinforced our recommendation to build your online store, since none of the above options is conducive in strengthening a brand, besides not allowing you to deal with the client directly through services. Like the JivoChat online chat. Do not stop to see its functions and prices before making your decision!


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